Change log history for YouChoob...
v1.20; 8th July, 2013.
    Documentation and YouChoob 2 links to the About menu.
    Uses a new file format for storing settings; previous settings are lost.
    Changed parts of the interface.
    Minor changes.
    Now works correctly after a major (backend) YouTube site change.

v1.19; 10th August, 2011.
    Additional formats are recognised, such as WebM.
    High-quality (480x360) thumbnails are now downloaded.
    Now works correctly after a major (backend) YouTube site change.
    Minor interface changes and improvements.
    Download the MP4/WEBM versions of videos if FLV does not work.

v1.18; 25th March, 2011.
    Delete Incomplete Downloads to the Settings -> Downloads window.
    Donate button to the main window.
    Slight re-design of the main window.
    YouChoob will notify you if you don't have the full .NET4 installed.

v1.17; 13th December, 2010.
    Support for videos linked from profile pages (ie. "profile?user=...").
    Now works correctly after the recent YouTube site changes.
    Minimising YouChoob sent it to the system tray, even if Minimise To Tray was disabled.
    Improved video title -to- filename conversion.

v1.16; 28th August, 2010.
    Interface tab to the settings window.
    System tray support (see Settings - Interface).
    Filenames are now HTML entity decoded, where appropriate.
    "When All Downloads Complete" button drop-down didn't re-position correctly.
    The image in the taskbar preview didn't show the video thumbnail correctly. [Windows 7]

v1.15; 27th July, 2010.
    Now works correctly after a minor YouTube site change.

v1.14; 25th May, 2010.
    "When All Downloads Complete..." drop-down to the main window.
    Improved clipboard importing of YouTube video IDs.

v1.13; 15th May, 2010.
    Now works correctly after a minor YouTube site change.

v1.12; 3rd April, 2010.
    Now accepts raw video IDs.
    Now works correctly after a major YouTube site change.
    Downloaded video thumbnail is now of a mucher higher quality.
    Faster start-up.
    Updated BiQubic.Update.

v1.11; 3rd March, 2010.
    More recognised video formats to the selection dialog.
Note that YouChoob could always download these formats;
they are merely added as a user-convenience.

v1.10; 5th February, 2010.
    YouChoob couldn't work out a video's title.
    Video Quality Selection window was displaying a taskbar entry. Removed.
    Minor interface fixes.

v1.09; 25th October, 2009.
    Internally converts embedded URLs into the correct format.
    Now works correctly after a minor YouTube site change.
    Changed the way the "page parse failed" step works.

v1.08; 10th October, 2009.
    Video Quality Selection option to Settings -> Downloads.
    The correct extension is used for saving based on video quality.
    Application and download statistics. See Readme.
    Replaced the About dialog with a true About window.

v1.07; 19th September, 2009.
    Do Not Prompt For Video Filename to Settings -> Downloads.
    Optional video thumbnail saving to Settings -> Downloads.
    Now works correctly after the recent YouTube site changes.
    Much better video quality detection; will download best available at all times.

v1.06; 19th February, 2009. (Beta)
    Native batch downloading.
    Settings window.
    Context menu to the video thumbnail image.
    Download transfer rate to the main window.
    Windows 7 download progress indication to YouChoob's taskbar entry.
    Minor GUI layout issue in pre-Vista versions of Windows.
    Updated help file.
    Minor tweaks.

v1.05; 29th January, 2009.
    Sometimes the thumbnail for the video didn't appear. This may also fix
a rare "not a valid video" error prior to downloading.
    Minor tweaks.

v1.04; 16th January, 2009.
    Automatic support for downloading high quality versions of videos.
    Links can be dragged and dropped onto the URL textbox.

v1.03; 22nd April, 2008.
    Clicking the video thumbnail will view the video.
    Update checker.
    Location issue with the progress bar and thumbnail during sizing.
    General application and interface improvements.
    "Download Another Video" wasn't working 100%.

v1.02; 18th April, 2008.
    The thumbnail image of the video being downloaded is now displayed.
    YC will auto-download any YouTube links in the clipboard at startup.
    Clicking Import Link From Clipboard will begin auto-downloading.
    Slight interface modifications for when downloads start and finish.

v1.01; 15th April, 2008.
    Stop button so a downloading video can be cancelled.
    "Download Another Video" button that launches another YC instance.
    Accepts URLs that start with "http://youtube.*".
    The main window didn't size correctly.
    Now suggests a filename for the video based on the video's title.
    Executable is now signed with a strong key for security purposes.
    Modifications based on code analysis by FxCop.

v1.00; 11th April, 2008.
- Initial public release.