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Make searching even quicker, that is the role of IE QuickFind. Run it, hit Install and you're set to go! You can now access over 39 search engines by doing nothing more than typing your search query into Internet Explorer's address bar prefixed by the engine you want to use.

Example Usage
If you wanted to search Google for "Planarchy" (minus quotes in this case, but you can quote if you want - remember, you're using a search engine so you can use any search syntax, eg. " ", +, -, AND, OR, and so on), you would type g Planarchy into IE's address bar and the results of your search appears in the current browser window. Want to search Google Groups? No problem, type gg My search string. There are 39 of these search engines (including services like, and scientific research sites) within IE QuickFind, of which you can view in the list on the main window.

Main Window