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Like A G19
26th July, 2017.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7
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Like A G19 is an application that allows you to use and design system information 'screens' for your Logitech G15, G510, and G19 LCD-enabled keyboards

Please note that this software is NOT SUPPORTED.

It's being released in its extremely-incomplete alpha form because this very day I'm about to replace my Logitech G19.

Rather than leaving Like A G19 sat on my HD for all eternity never being used, I thought I'd finally release it in its incomplete... glory? Well, okay - mess.

In my opinion, the Logitech G19 keyboard is absolutely useless without Like A G19. I had to create LAG19 otherwise I'd have spent a fortune for a somewhat crap keyboard with a useless built-in screen.

So here's Like A G19.

It's incomplete, unsupported, and will never be finished. Unless I'm offered a giant wodge of cash to finish it, that is. I've been giving my software away for free for 20 years under the guise of donation-ware - big mistake. I practically made nothing from all that work.

And, no - sorry, I won't be giving the source code away. I also made that mistake years ago with another application. Eugh.

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