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KillaFing 3
1st December, 2002.
VB Runtimes
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KillaFing 3 is a rewrite for the users of Internet Explorer and offers a completely new version of the killing engine with full wildcards, domain, and logging support. KF 3 now kills popups (and possibly adverts/banners in a future release) at a much lower level, so they don't even get a chance to load or appear.

This new version is tightly intergrated with the browser so it can stop popups even loading before they are killed, so no-more wasting bandwidth for those nasty windows you never wanted in the first place. Popups can be stopped in their tracks either by using domain/URL killing (KillaFing's new main feature) or by popup window titles. Wildcards are also fully supported. I hope to bring image advert and enhanced filtering to KillaFing in the near future.

KillaFing also supports cookie killing. The base installation of KF comes with a large list of cookies that are "marked for death". Some websites leave (admittedly) limited tracking information inside of a cookie (a small text-based file placed on your harddrive). When KillaFing finds such a cookie - it is deleted.

Due to this new integration, KillaFing Version 3 only works with the Internet Explorer (5 and above) web-browser.

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