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Planarchy is an application that lets you easily publish news, reports, statistics and so on to your website with ease. You do not need any knowledge of HTML (although it is an advantage) or require the use of an external FTP client. This is because Planarchy takes care of it for you; hit New Entry, type in your new entry, then click on Publish and your brand-new entry will be uploaded to your site. The entry/entries are generated locally on your HD before they are uploaded, so you can instruct Planarchy to place them into a specified directory - this is useful if you develop your website on your PC first before uploading it as it removes the need to re-download the uploaded entries from your FTP server so you can have an upto-the-minute local mirror.

You can configure how you would like your generated pages to appear: on a single page? Or how about spread across numerous pages, specified by an entries-per-page value? Planarchy also features easy-to-use Insert Image/URL options, along with built-in support for smilies.

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