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25th February, 2005.
VB Runtimes
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A multi-player game of sketching, no less. Get together with your friends from around the world to take part in a game of drawing. The aim is simple: guess what the artist is drawing. If you're the artist, then draw the word you are presented with and see if your mad ski11z are mad enough for others to guess what you're trying to put across. Fail and get penalised!

You get two programs within the package: the client and the server.

The client is what a large percentage of users will be using - it lets you join an already running game and take part. Clicking the first image about will show you how it looks. The main window is split into 3 main areas: the info bar, the drawing tools and area, and the chat/user lists. Clicking on the Main menu and selecting Connect will present you with the Server Browser. Use this to connect to an already existing game by inputting the server's IP address (ask the admin of the game for it).

This is used to start a Netionary game. Run it and then connect to yourself with the Client (entering as the IP address). The very first person that connects to a game becomes the administrator, that is they are able to control what goes on, able to kick users, and so on.

There will be a third program in the future and that is the Tracker. The purpose of the Tracker will be to track all public games of Netionary that are currently running and allow players to join them by just double-clicking on their entry within the Tracker list.

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