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Boot Deleter
9th February, 2005.
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Boot Deleter is an application that adds itself to the Windows Explorer (shell) context menu and allows you to mark files and folders to be deleted when Windows next restarts. This allows you to delete items that are locked by running programs. Items can also be marked for deletion by passing the file/folder as a command-line argument or by dropping the item onto the Boot Deleter executable icon.

Please note that this application idea was suggested by a user and consequently serves a very specific purpose. It does not attempt to free locked files or folders by invalidating their handles without the need of a reboot. This feature will not be added to this application.

Note: There appears to be a bug with Windows 10 in that you cannot create a new folder; please see this article here. Thanks to Paolo C. for reporting!

Also note that this software has not been tested in any version of Windows that has been released since 2005; it is legacy software and is here for historical reasons. Please use an alternative such as Unlocker by Cedrick Collomb.

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