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27th June, 2001.
VB Runtimes
Not available

Have you ever wanted to control your PC with your voice? Has that thought even ever ocurred to you? Well you can, and it has now! VoiceMate lets you control your PC with your voice, you can launch programs, control any windows, perform standard Windows tasks, bind textual macros to keys and recall them with a verbal command, or even have VoiceMate reply to your questions! Plus a whole lot more...

See him there, on the left? He's called Merlin and he listens to your voice and gives you visual feedback on what's going on. He'll let you know when he's listening for your commands and he'll verbally reply to any replies defined in the Communication section of VoiceMate. If you're feeling like a change, you can use any of the other numerous "Genie" characters available to download from various sites around the web. The VoiceMate manual gives you a few URLs to Robby, Genie, Peedy and of course Merlin himself.

Ideally, you will need a good quality microphone for the best operation. Please note, I cannot guarantee that VoiceMate will work correctly on your system due to the variables involved. I have no direct control over the Microsoft components required to get VoiceMate functioning correctly, and I doubt Microsoft will listen to a single developer letting them know that there are installation issues with one of their products.

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