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WhiteBox (Old)
1st January, 0001.
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
Not available

This project has been restarted; please check the Unreleased section for it, or click here to visit its site.

WhiteBox is a work-in-progress project that is currently at a very early stage of development. Consequently, these screenshots are are subject to change while the project progresses further.

The purpose of this software is to provide an extensive frontend to PCs that have been set up to perform the role of a Home Theatre unit. Emulation, gaming, video, and audio features are provided.

Please note that these screenshots suffer from JPEG artifacts in that the reds, whites, and yellows are dis-coloured, and there are stipling effects.

This project was abandoned a long time ago due to Visual Studio nuking the entire interface. Probably a good thing as the entire project was terrible for many reasons.

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