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1st July, 2011.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Full
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Givecraft is an application designed to help Ops in Minecraft give objects and items to players in a much quicker and easier way. It doesn't require having to continually consult large documents to determine which IDs correspond with which items, and having to repeatedly type long strings of text to give those items.

All known objects are displayed in a list that is easy to search and can be given in either invidual amounts or stacks. It is even possible to give sets of items, such as the diamond armour set, with a single Give operation.

Givecraft has been tested with Minecraft Beta v1.7_02, Hey0's server mod and the Bukkit server mod.

To enable support for either the Hey0 or Bukkit server modification, change the Server Type setting within the Settings window.

The default hotkey to bring Givecraft to the front is Windows key + X, which can be changed within the Settings window. The hotkey can be pressed while you're in Minecraft to allow you to quickly give items.

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