Change log history for XBox Device Status...
v1.07; 20th November, 2018.
    Crash at startup.

v1.06; 20th November, 2018.
    Enhanced tooltips.
    Keyboard mnemonics.
    Completely rewritten crash handler.
    Completely rewritten update checker.
    Completely rewritten logging.
    Code and interface improvements.
    Updated links in About window.

v1.05; 22th September, 2017.
    Device Capabilities to the main window's menu.
    Battery Information button/display to Input Tester.
    Override for the version of XInput being used in Settings - Advanced.
    Colour scheme wasn't changing when a device disconnected.

v1.04; 12th September, 2017.
    Toast notifications.
    Notifications section to the Settings window.
    No Gamepad Connected refresh link to Input Tester.
    Additional notification codes.
    Keyboard shortcuts to all windows.
    Tooltips to the Input Tester window.
    Battery level was being spoken regardless of Speak setting.
    Improvements to update checking.
    Code improvements.

v1.03; 8th September, 2017.
    Input Tester only working with the first gamepad.

v1.02; 6th September, 2017.
    Input Tester (Home/Enterprise Editions).
    Device IDs were all incorrectly showing 1.
    Tab orders and tooltips in all windows.
    Numerous code and interface improvements.

v1.01; 2nd September, 2017.
    Flat-style battery indicators (see Settings -> Interface).
    Text-to-Speech notifications (see Settings -> Interface).
    Menu to the system tray icon (Home/Enterprise Editions).
    Backup & Restoring of application settings (see Menu).
    Additional options to Settings -> Advanced.
    Additional items to Menu -> Help (previously About).
    Headset information wasn't being displayed.
    Potential crash when checking for updates.
    Image and icon improvements.
    Numerous code and interface improvements.

v1.00; 22nd August, 2017.
    First public release.