Change log history for WoWus...
v1.10; 22nd January, 2009.
    Significant performance improvements to column sorting.
    Improved the detection of addon change-logs.
    Rare crash when loading column data at startup.
    Rare crash on update checking on the pinging of mirrors.
    All column sorting related crashes.
    A few rare application crashes.

v1.09; 30th July, 2008.
    Delete Crash Dumps to the Management - Tweaks area.
    DownloadThreadPriority, DownloadTimeout to Settings - Advanced.
    Bug introduced in v1.08 that results in addon installation failures on some systems.
    Problem when trying to access the .toc file for some addons.
    Problem when backing-up addons just before upgrading.
    Delete Cached Data and Delete All Settings in Management - Tweaks area.
    Tweaks to the downloading core.

v1.08; 16th June, 2008.
    Advanced tab to the Settings window with various new settings.
    GetWoWPath() startup error.
    "WoW is Running" will only appear if it is the WoW that is actually being updated.
    The columns shown by default have been changed.
    Logging was using the wrong icon for Successful entries.
    WoWus should work on the Mac/Linux after tweaking the Advanced tab settings.
    Updated the Pique library.

v1.07; 12th June, 2008.
    Vertical resizing to the Management window.
    Replaced all images with Vista-style versions.
    General interface improvements.
    Reduced executable filesize by a further 71KB.
    Lots of internal changes to various parts of the application.

v1.06; 17th April, 2008.
    Change Location Registry Key to the Settings - General area.
    Ping Server to Settings - Mirrors area.
    Categories to Compilation Lists.
    Save List wasn't working correctly.
    Foldernames and Dependencies columns were displaying incorrect information.
    Crash when downloading certain corrupted addons.
    Crash when column sorting if the Updated date column wasn't visible.
    Corrected Exclude Addon window to look correct in Windows Vista.
    Removed Database Manager (was never enabled) and Addon Browser.
    Changed deletion character in compilation lists to a question mark.
    Management - Installed Addons Size column now show addon sizes.
    Executable filesize is now almost 200KB smaller.

v1.05; 6th February, 2008.
    "Name, Description" is now again the default search field in the Search Pane.
    Corrupted addon downloads will not result in the addon being removed from WoW.
    A somewhat rare startup exception problem.

v1.04; 29th January, 2008.
    Newly-installed addons' dates are set to their last updated date and not the installation date.
    If viewing all addons, WoWus won't auto-close after installing , regardless of Settings.
    WoWus is more MacOS compliant when running on the Mac via the Mono framework.

v1.03; 2nd November, 2007.
    Column editor. Right-click the main listview to access it.
    Exit After Installing Add-Ons to the Settings - AddOns area.
    All WoWus assemblies are now signed for added security.
- Removed: Add-On Information window.
    Exception when clicking a column during updating.
    Partially corrupted page-tab icons in the Management area.
    Web Information no longer shows an error if an add-on has no information URL.
    The main window's size is now saved.
    Improvements to the fix WoW registry keys feature.
    Improvements to the initial detection of the location of the WoW.exe game file.
    Keyfile can now reside in the WoWus application data folder.
    Changed notification when Forcing an add-on re-install. Thanks to Daf.
    Minor changes and additions.

v1.02; 19th July, 2007.
    Enabled Load List for Freeware editions of WoWus.
    Search Pane to the Donator's Menu.
    Optional Auto-Deletion when importing Lists. Create a List and examine it for details.
    New icon. Thanks to Teetow!
    Exception when viewing addon screenshots in a certain order.

v1.01; 3rd February, 2007.
    Send to System Tray on Minimise to Settings - Interface.
    All listviews now support column sorting.
    Optional checking for WoW.exe running process before updating.
    Dump My Installed Add-Ons to the Donator's Menu.
    Log Level option to the Logging Window.
    Save Log on Exit to the Logging window. Enabled by default.
    The whole Load/Save List system didn't function correctly with some addons.
    Delete All Add-Ons in the Management area didn't actually do anything.
    Any deletion code now correctly removes Read-Only files and directories.
    Not all outdated add-on folders were being deleted when upgrading.
    Exception with CheckForValidLocationKeys() in limited Windows user accounts.
    Exception when viewing corrupted screenshots.
    Window metrics are now not saved when the main window is minimised.
    Compile List from Installed Add-Ons now ignores Blizzard add-ons.
    Compile List from Installed Add-Ons has been revamped. Old lists are incompatible.
    Changed the way old and new addon dates are compared.
    Write-protected directories are now un-protected when deleting backups before an add-on is updated.
    Minor changes and additions.

v1.00; 14th December, 2006.
    Add-on Browser to the Donator's menu. (with experimental screenshot support)
    Interface section to the Settings window.
    Information pane to the Logging window.
    WoWus now detects and asks you if you want to fix any broken WoW registry keys.
    Support for 7-Zip, RAR, G-Zip, BZip2, Arj, Lzh, and Tar addon archives.
    Backups are now archived in the 7-Zip format.
    Add-on localisation option to Settings - Interface area, where available.
    Occasional exception when downloading updates with the Logging window open.
    Suppressed an exception when saving settings in rare cases.
    Exception when selecting an invalid WoW.exe executable.
    Possible exception when backing-up addons.
    Not all (applicable) items in the Donator's Menu were being enabled.
    List Update wasn't always reverting back from the Stop Listing state.
    It was possible to open multiple Logging windows.
    Blizzard addons are no longer displayed in the installed addons Management list.
    Default mirror now changed to NTL World.
    Smoother List Updates experience.
    General improvements to many areas.
    Updated manual.

v0.99; 6th September, 2006. (beta)
    Force Re-install to the Installed Add-ons Management area.
    Show Information context menu item to the Installed Add-ons Management area.
    Listings not downloading on some non-English OSes.
    Highlight Add-ons in the Installed Add-ons Management area.
    WoW game path wasn't being saved; WoW version information was also incorrect.
    The uninstaller wasn't fully uninstalling WoWus.
    Optimised displaying of updated add-ons.

v0.98; 30th August, 2006. (beta)
    WoW add-on and settings backup/restore to the Management area. (experimental)
    Compile Compilation from Installed Add-Ons to donator's menu.
    Highlight Supported to the Installed Add-Ons tab in the Management area.
    "Collection was modified" exception.
    Various little changes and additions.
    Many enhancements to the database.

v0.97; 14th July, 2006. (beta)
    A true download mirror system, replacing the previous version.
    Window position saving.
    Rare exception when clicking links in the About window.
    Rare permissions exception when downloading certain addons.
    Revamped the Settings window and added lots of new options.
    Enhanced database.

v0.96; 29th June, 2006. (beta)
    Exception when selecting Add-On Information for a certain add-on.
    Exception at startup when trying to save settings.
    Hopefully fixed a rare "Type Initializer" exception.
    The NTLWorld mirror didn't always work correctly.
    Only one copy of WoWus can be run at a time.
    Minor interface improvements.

v0.95; 4th June, 2006. (beta)
    Mirror support for those that cannot connect to See Settings.
    Do Not Backup Add-Ons option to the Settings window.
    Yet more logging during the add-on upgrading process.
- Fix: Security checking on correct add-on installation locations was far too
stringent; now reduced. May fix add-ons sometimes not installing in some cases.
    Updated manual.

v0.94; 14th May, 2006. (beta)
    Update exclusions for add-ons. Right-click Updates list for exclusion.
    Stop Listing button during a Get Listings.
    License Editions (see About window) and List Updates throttling.
    Secret area.. ssh!
    WoWus should now be fully compliant with limited-user Windows accounts.
    The scanning engine should be much more accurate when determining if
an update is actually out of date or not.
    Rewrote the add-on download engine and included download progress bar.
    Settings are now stored in the system's Application Data\WoWus folder.
    Added lots of logging information during add-on updating.
    Numerous code and interface changes.

v0.93; 3rd May, 2006. (beta)
    Hopefully fixed a startup exception to do with logging.

v0.92; 1st May, 2006. (beta)
    Add-On Properties window to main window's context menu.
    Get Listings on Application Startup option in Settings.
    Logging window. Click on the status bar to display it.
    WoWus is now "aware" of add-on compilation packages.
    Added lots of polish in general areas.
    Lots of minor code and interface tweaks.

v0.91; 21th April, 2006. (beta)
    Replaced Add-On Backup section with Management area.
    Tweaks section to the Management area.
    Loading and saving of add-on lists.
    Pique exception handling. See here.
    Downloading updates would fail if the Updates folder didn't exist
and WoWus would still offer to install the (failed) updates.
    Update checking only reports there is a new version if the new
version is actually of a higher version number.
    Various minor changes and additions.

v0.90; 9th April, 2006. (beta)
- First public release.