Change log history for Wake On LAN Ex 2...
v3.01; 13th January, 2016.
    Complete rewrite.

v2.10; 4th May, 2010.
    Limited skinning functionality.
    Port wasn't being used.
    Faster startup.

v2.09; 26th January, 2010.
    MacID now checks for a 17 char ID rather than the incorrect 16 in v2.08.

v2.08; 25th January, 2010.
    Check and warning message for non-writable settings path.
    Configurable Escape key setting to the Settings window.
    Introductory message if there are no address book entries (eg. first run).
    Pings sometimes stalling indefinitely. Thanks to everyone on the forum!
    Main and About window interface changes.
    Changed the way key detection works in the address book.
    PingAddressBookEntriesThreads is now 6 by default on all OSes, including XP.
    Ping threads priority changed from Normal to BelowNormal.
    Save button in Settings window was incorrectly positioned in Linux.
    Error handling improvements.
    Removed BiQubic.Suite.Controls.dll dependency.
    Removed BiQubic.Suite.Core.dll dependency.

v2.07; 21st January, 2010.
    Actions and Custom Actions in address book context menu. Using this
menu will apply actions to selected entries as opposed to checkmarked
entries like how the Send Action menu works.
    Screen out-of-bounds checking and repositioning at startup, along with
DoNotRepositionWindow option to the Settings window.
    Multiple exceptions upon startup if Columns.xml couldn't be saved in AppData.
    PingAddressBookEntriesThreads is now set to 3 by default in Windows XP.
    Address book is saved immediately upon an entry being edited.

v2.06; 4th December, 2009.
    OnOnline, OnOffline, and OnError events to the edit entry window.
    Confirmation when deleting address book entries.
    More keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+N: add entry, Enter: edit, Del: delete).
    Silver and Chrome toolbar styles to the Settings window.
    Open Data Directory and Donation links to the About window.
    Improved Portable mode.
    The System toolbar style is now the default on Windows XP.

v2.05; 2nd November, 2009.
    Crash upon startup if there are no address book entries and pinging is enabled.

v2.04; 9th October, 2009.
    Portable Mode. See the Readme or click on the harddrive toolbar icon.
    Reduced executable size by 153KB (removed 256x256 application icons).

v2.03; 4th September, 2009.
    Parameter codes now work with custom actions.

v2.02; 4th September, 2009.
    Custom Actions.
    Crash when using Send Message on devices with no IP specified.
    PingAddressBookEntriesAtStartup was hidden within Settings.
    Much faster pinging of address book entries.
    Only one copy of WoLEX can now be running at a time.

v2.01; 20th August, 2009.
    Minimise to System Tray to the main window.
    Column sorting.
    "Select..." item to the address book context menu.
    Keyboard shortcuts (see menus). Escape now minimises WoLEX.
    DefautAction and MessageType to the Settings window.
    StartWithWindows and StartMinimised to the Settings window.
    "-minimise" / "-minimize" command-line parameter support.
    Potential crash with invalid MAC IDs.
    Improved interface; replaced buttons with a toolbar; etc.
    PingAddressBookEntriesTimeOut is now expressed in milli-seconds.
    Various minor changes.

v2.00 - Final; 31st May, 2008.
    Included pad_file.xml with distribution.
    Updated all graphics and some interface elements.
    Improved update checker.
    Minor changes and additions.

v2.00 - Beta 1; 14th April, 2008.
- Initial public release.