Change log history for VoiceMate Professional...
8.07.2006, v2.15:
    Commands; NET.TouchURL, CMD.MonitorStandBy, CMD.MonitorOn.
    Commands; CMD.MonitorOff, CMD.ScreenSaver, CMD.GetRandomFile.
    VMPro now works with non-administrator Windows accounts.
    Using Escape to quit the debugger doesn't ignore the "Are you sure?" requester anymore.
    Some commands weren't being highlighted in the script editor.
    Increased microphone gain boost to 100%.
    Debugging with the script editor now actually happens in the editor itself.

26.06.2006, v2.14 Build#530
    Option to change audio input device to Settings window.
    Commands; CMD.SetDesktopWallpaper, CMD.BlockInput.
    Commands; COM class. See scripting documentation.
    Command Set updater to the Check For Update toolbar button.
    New locations to the Wizard's Objects window.
    Export Category to the category context menu in the main window.
    Sometimes the About window would display a System Error
message when opening.
    Some unlinked commands in the SDK manual.
    Changed layout of the Console window.
    Updated and improved the Debug Log window.
    First phase of a code audit completed.

21.11.2004, v2.13 Build#510
    Events system. See manual for information.
    Commands; DSR.LastCommand, DSR.LastCommandName,
CMD.CharacterCount, CMD.QuickLoad, CMD.QuickSave,
    Objects section to the Command Wizard.
    Shutdown section to the Settings window.
    New SpeechBar skin colours.
    Static Variables section to the SDK helpfile.
    Usability improvements to the Script Editor.
    The Set As Default setting in the Profiles window now works.
    The Script Editor's toolbar completely ceased to function.
    Editing a command via the context menu would cause
an editing error. Thanks to JCasarini for reporting.
    Minor interface tweaks.

21.05.2004, v2.12 Build#500
    Commands; CMD.FreeDiskSpace, CMD.TotalDiskSpace,
CMD.GetTickCount, CMD.IsOnline, CMD.IsValidURL,
CMD.LockWorkstation, CMD.NetSend, CMD.Beep,
DEBUG.Log, DEBUG.Clear, VM.ChangeListenTimeOut,
PRP.GetKeyboardCapsLock, PRP.GetKeyboardNumLock.
    Many missing VBScript commands to the editor highlighter.
    Drive/Folder selection to the Command Wizard.
    CMD.FindWindowEx Out of Stack Space error.
    VMPro and/or its components wouldn't run on some
installations of Windows XP/2003.
    Everything is now fully Windows XP themed.
    Improvements to the Advanced Editor. Also added
some missing commands and the DEBUG class.
    Heavily updated Profiles window.

26.11.2003, v2.11 Build#470
    New command: PRP.SystemUptime
    Recognition - Sleep to Settings.
    Rudimentary debug log to Settings menu.
    CMD.TeleType wasn't working correctly.
    vmkeyReturn wasn't listed in the Advanced Commands Key Mapper.
    Skins didn't always appear in the Settings window.
    Redesigned the Command Wizard.
    GUI rewritten in places to take advantage of
Windows XP theming, if available.
    Various GUI enhancements.
    VCMD.EXE is closed if found hanged when running VoiceMate (WinNT only).
    Lots of other changes.

27.07.2003, v2.10 Build#400
    "Start listening" now wakes VM Pro up if listening
was stopped. See Settings to change the wake-up command.
    General verbal feedback. See Settings -> Verbal Feedback.
    Speech Bar section to the Settings window.
    Minimise On Startup to the Settings -> Startup window.
    Force Recognition to the Settings -> Recognition window.
    Limited skinning to the Speech Bar.
    Help button to the Console, to display the SDK.
    Tip of the Day to program startup.
    New splash graphic.
    Crash when clicking "Start Main Window Minimised.." in Settings.
    The Speech Bar reloaded itself when VMP was quitting.
    The main window now has focus when VM Pro starts.
    Only one instance of VM Pro can now be run.
    Graphical improvements to the floating Speech Bar.
    Added Windows XP-style controls to the Settings window.
Works on all versions of Windows.

05.07.2003, v2.09 Build#360
    Custom message boxes, hopefully to prevent
a problem with VoiceMate Professional starting up for some users.
    It is now possible to copy the console's contents
into a command without the contents being automatically
changed upon a right-mouse click.
    Made a small change to the core.

14.03.2003, v2.08 Build#350 Beta
    10 new commands:
CMD.LogOff, CMD.Reboot, CMD.PowerOff, CMD.ShutDown,
CMD.IsMinimized, CMD.IsMaximized, CMD.IsEnabled,
CMD.TeleType, CMD.GetComputerName, VM.CheckForUpdate.

    Syntax highlighting to the Console, plus
general Console and debugging improvements.

    Various new command macros to the default
user profile.

    It was hard to toggle the listening status using
the floating speechbar due to a window dragging conflict.

    Couple of minor bugs.

27.02.2003, v2.07 Build#340
    Definately fixed the double-click Commands
list bug. Thanks to Axel Jan?en for reporting.

    Problem with editing commands.

    The Floating Speech Bar options conflicted
with the Default Editor options, in the Settings window.
Thanks to Axel Jan?en for reporting.

    Improved the dragging of the Floating Speech Bar.

    Hang when starting. The 14 day trial period has
been reset.

16.01.2003, v2.06 Build#335
    ScrollLock toggle listen-mode hotkey.
Suggested by Axel Jansen.

    Floating Speech Bar options to the Settings window.
Suggested by Axel Jansen.

    Option to hide the mouth when speaking.
Suggested by Brent Kellogg.

    Double-clicking the blank area under the
commands in the Commands list caused a crash.
Thanks to Knoc99 and Axel Jan?en for reporting.

    Minors changes and additions.

02.01.2003, v2.05 Build#325
    Some users lost their 14-day trial period due
to the year change. This release resets the trial, but it means
that registered users must insert their registration information

    The Profiles program/window wasn't counting
how many times a profile was being loaded if it was set
to Auto Load.

    Lots more error-checking.

    Links to other speech language engines to the

    Minor fixes to the Profiles window.

08.12.2002, v2.04 Build#320
    Commands can be dragged from the Commands
list and dropped onto a category in the Category list to
change its current category.

    Files dropped onto the Commands list can
be programmatically made into voice commands.

    Selecting more than one command in the Commands
list resulted in a crash.

    Adding a new profile using the Profiles window
would make the Set As Default button become stuck "on".

    Adding a new profile while there was a default user
enabled in the Profiles list would result in the default user
highlight being lost.

27.11.2002, v2.03 Build#318
    New command: CMD.SendKeys

    QuickHelp is now displayed in the statusbar regardless
of the current command's case in the Advanced Editor,
where-as it was only displayed if the command was

    Clicking on the Help toolbar icon in the Advanced
Editor now displays the Scripting SDK documentation.

    The Scripting SDK documentation is now up-to-date.

26.11.2002, v2.02 Build#317
    It wasn't possible to register VM Pro after the
the trial-period expired.02

    Forgot to remove a bit of debugging code
from the Advanced Editor's keyboard mapper.

    Keycode Viewer to the Advanced Editor's
Convenience Tools. This tells you the keycode of the
last pressed key/button on the keyboard.

    Cursor key codes to the Advanced Editor's
keyboard mapper. Thanks to Jaime Lara for reporting.

17.11.2002, v2.01 Build#315
    DSS.FindEngine was incorrectly returning a string
result instead of a correct Long result.

    The following commands should have been functions
(that is: return a value), but instead were statements and didn't
do anything:
DSS.Gender, DSS.LanguageID, DSS.Speaker

    Option to select the default speech voice VM Pro
uses. See the Speech section in the Settings window.

    4 new commands (no documentation as yet):
DSS.CurrentMode, DSS.ModeName, DSS.Dialect,

    Overhauled the Speaker Profiles window.

    Removed the Code Base feature from the Advanced Editor.

    Toolbar button to check for a new version.

    Various interface tweaks
Also works better in Windows' Large Font mode.

    Completed context-sensitive help, including some windows that
were missing it altogether.

    Minor modifications.

29.10.2002, v2.00 Build#0305
    A warning message was sometimes displayed saying that
the speech recognition engine wasn't installed even if it was.
    Disabling the splash window would stop VM Pro loading.
    Hopefully fixed a bug that prevented VM Pro from
loading and displayed ".. initialising .." constantly in the splash

23.10.2002, v2.00 Build#0302
    New commands + documentation:
CMD.MoveFile, CMD.MakeDir, CMD.GetDesktopWindow,

22.10.2002, v2.00 Build#0300 - Public Final Release.
- First official public release.

Private Beta Builds.
- If you would like to see the history for the private beta-tester
builds, then take a look at the Changes.txt file in the VoiceMate
Professional directory.