Change log history for The Image Collector...
v1.16; 21st February, 2017.
    Reset the Viewer's toolbar state when viewing a new item.
    Tentative fix for a start-up crash relating to showing taskbar download progress.
    Tentative fix for a shutdown crash after the exception dialog has been shown.

v1.15; 23rd January, 2017.
    Ctrl+W exits TiC to Settings - Interface.
    Error when backing-up.

v1.14; 29th October, 2016.
    Files can be dragged from Windows into the Categories list to be copied there.

v1.13; 2nd October, 2016.
    TIC now requires the Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 framework:
    Premium Plugin owners will need to redownload any premium plugins.
    A blank category name and group would cause a crash.
    Imgur plugin.
    BBW plugin.
    Further Tumblr plugin fixes.
    Some premium plugins were removed due to their host sites becoming inactive.

v1.12; 7th July, 2015.
    Validate Folders to the Category editor.
    Images hosted on Tumblr sites.

v1.11; 12th December, 2014.
    Bring Viewer to front when the main window is activated.
    Create Folder button to the Categories editor window.
    Crash when selecting Open Url when an item isn't selected.
    Crash involving quick selection of a Service.
    Various plugins.
    The Image Collector now requires .NET 4.5.2.
    More meaningful message when a category's directory doesn't exist.
    The Categories list is now automatically sorted by name.
    Lots of minor code changes.

v1.10; 26th April, 2014.
    Preliminary support for the .webm format.
    Open Url to the Items context menu.
    Fixes to a number of the premium plugins.
    Backing up settings didn't work if there were no Categories.
    Minor changes.

v1.09; 18th February, 2014.
    More plugins now support fetching multiple pages of results.
    Item Thumbnail Size to Settings - Items.
    System menu; click the main window's icon to access it.
    Changelog.txt to the installed application folder; was previously missing.
    Keyboard shortcuts now work within other windows than just the main.
    Plugins were reporting incorrect versions; update checker now works.
    Up to 50% performance improvement in fetching multiple pages of results.

v1.08; 28th January, 2014.
    Using .NET 4.5 results in a crash at startup; now TIC will warn that it requires 4.5.1.
    Plugins/Services weren't being found in Windows Vista.

v1.07; 27th January, 2014.
    Reverse Image Search (Google) to Items context menu.
    Rename to Categories' context menu.
    Auto-download from sub-service to Settings - Interface.
    Ctrl+W to close the application.
    Auto-Focus interface elements to Settings - Interface.
    Double-clicking an empty Categories list.
    Rare crash involving experimental web-cam plugins.
    Crash during start-up update check on some systems.
    All saved settings now use a much lighter and faster format.
    Significant performance improvements to directory scanning.
    Improved startup time by up to 80%, in some cases.
    Fixed and updated plugins where appropriate.
    Now requires .NET 4.5.1; Windows Vista or higher required.

v1.06; 13th July, 2012.
    Numerous, but somewhat rare, crashes.

v1.05; 29th May, 2012.
    Thumbnails not being displayed as items are downloading.
    Eliminated progress bar causing statusbar to vertically resize. Really.
    Crash when downloading a corrupted item.
    Numerous rare crashes.
    Rewritten download code.
    Certain listviews are now collapsible.
    Improvements to the plugin architecture for future plugins.
    Improved startup time.

v1.04; 2nd March, 2012.
    "Display" menu.
    "Categories" and "Arrange Windows" to the View menu.
    Rotate button and Size information to the Viewer.
    Global key presses didn't work when the Viewer had focus.
    Improved the look of certain interface elements.

v1.03; 29th November, 2011.
    "Download" section to Items context menu.
    Excessive CPU usage when playing multiple animations in the viewer.
    Not being able to view an already-downloaded item within the current session.
    Eliminated progress bar causing statusbar to vertically resize.
    Improved session caching of downloaded items; CacheThresholdSize removed.
    Improved startup time.

v1.02; 1st October, 2011.
    Preview, Download Selected, and Hide to the Items context menu.
    Clarification of mouse controls at application startup.
    More information is now available in the Logging window (Ctrl+L).
    Visual notification when copying a previewed item to the clipboard.
    Photo.Net plugin.
    Open Folder within the Categories context menu didn't always work.
    Copy URL within the Items context menu didn't disable with no items selected.
    Rare "Active window handle is needed" error on shutdown.
    Various additions to the internal plugin system.
    Startup time significantly reduced on some systems.
    Improved compatiblity with the deviantArt site.
    Minor changes and additions.

v1.01; 21st September, 2011.
    Right-click a service to Download or to display its options menu.
    Support for items other than images (eg. live webcams).
    Portable Mode to the Settings window.
    Folder codes to the Category window.
    Log to the View menu.
    Service.Imgur and Service.Picasa plugins.
    Pique exception submission library.
    Zipped version of The Image Collector to the website.
    Internal changes.

v1.00; 11th September, 2011.
- Initial public release.