Change log history for Profile Relocator...
v1.03; 26th October, 2014.
    Relocation cannot proceed if PR hasn't been started with admin rights.
    Support for Windows 10.
    PR now tries to automatically elevate itself to admin priviledges.
    All data files now use the much faster JSON format.

v1.02; 8th September, 2012.
    "What Profile Relocator Does" to the readme file.
    Disabled "Don't Copy Default Profiles" option due to a potential issue.
    Translation window combobox selection highlight being too dark.

v1.01; 11th March, 2012.
    Support for Windows 8 (Consumer Preview; should work with release version).
    Automation mode. See Profile Relocator.txt file for details.
    Some English translation text strings.
    Made registry write failure message clearer on running PR without admin rights.
    Only one instance of Profile Relocator can now be run at a time.
    Faster start-up.

v1.00; 2nd April, 2010.
    Restore Default Location button to Step 2 / Location change step.
    Further safety checks.
    Links to the About window.
    Faster start-up.

v0.99; 21st January, 2010.
- Initial public release.