Change log history for Givecraft...
v1.02; 1st July, 2011.
    "Piston", "Piston Sticky", and "Shears" items for Minecraft 1.7_02.

v1.01; 26th May, 2011.
    Escape key goes back to Minecraft, if running.
    "Tall Grass", "Trapdoor", and "Map" items for Minecraft 1.6.
    "I Haz Voxel Bukkit" item set for Bukkit+VoxelSniper.
    Set tooltips now show name of items in set rather than just IDs.
    Changed existing items for Minecraft 1.6.

v1.00; 9th May, 2011.
    Settings window.
    Column sorting to the items list.
    Clicking Hotkey/Player displays info on what they are.
    Item Sets now display their contents in a tooltip in the main list.
    Support for the Bukkit server modification.
    "Powered Rail", "Detector Rail", and "Web" items.
    Donate link to the About window.
    Rewritten hotkey code.
    Changed default hotkey to Windows+X.
    Changed names of some of the existing items.
    Minor changes.

v0.99; 1st April, 2011.
    "Cookie" item.

v0.98; 23rd February, 2011.
    "Redstone Repeater" and "Bed" items.
    "Electrician" and "Miner" item sets.

v0.97; 9th February, 2011.
    Item ID tooltip when hovering over an item in the listview.
    "Newly Spawned" item set.
    Updated Objects definitions file.

v0.96; 19th October, 2010.
- Initial public release.

v0.95; 18th October, 2010.
- Private test release.