Change log history for Comica...
v1.11; 10th February, 2011.
    Language definition attribute. Default is English.
    Exception due to BiQubic.Update and/or BiQubic.Pique at startup.
    Minor interface colour issue with the Welcome screen when in full-screen mode.
    Suggest Comic was truncating comments if they contained an apostrophe.
    If PublisherUrl is not present, LastestComicUrl will be used instead.
    Updated Pique.

v1.10; 1st February, 2011.
    Comical has now been renamed to Comica.
    Suggest Comic item to the Comics menu.
    "Downloaded, Unread" + "New Available" icon states.
    ViewNextNewComic now takes downloaded but unread comics into account.
    Zoom controls to the nav bar. Set ShowZoomControls in Settings to True to enable.
    Genre definition attribute is now an enumeration value.
    Minor changes and additions.

v1.09; 25th October, 2010.
    Preliminary support for comic image zooming.
    "Downloaded, Unread" comic item state.
    UpdateCheckType in Settings - Network.
    Archive Browser was still appearing if Comical is set to start hidden.
    It is now possible to download a comic while viewing another.
    A large amount of fixes and improvements.
    Updated Pique.

v1.08; 10th October, 2010.
    Browsing a comic's archived strips direct from its website.
    An entirely new Archive Browser.
    Customised sorting.
    Bookmarking, accessible via the new Archive Browser.
    Catch-Up to the Comics menu.
    Download All Unread to the Comics menu.
    Rotate to the Edit menu.
    ScheduledDownloading to the Network section in the Settings window.
    UpdateCheckType to the Network section in the Settings window.
    Keyboard accelerators to the main window's menu.
    Exception when marking many comics as read.
    Rare exception to do with drawing the categories drop-down menu.
    Moved the download indicator to its own compact frame.
    Improvements to the Html parsing core.
    Optimisations to the archive viewing process.
    Numerous minor changes.
    Now requires Microsoft .NET 4.

v1.07; 23rd July, 2010.
    Report As item to the comics list context menu.
    Read Next New Comic now starts from the current comic and wraps around.
    Downloading an existing comic will now mark it as read if it's marked as unread.
    Improved all comic list favourite icons.
    Alt-Text entries within the developer's log are now properly URL decoded.

v1.06; 11th July, 2010.
    Support for animated comic images.
    Context menu to the alt-text banner underneath any alt-text enabled comics.
    Crash in the Developer's Log when using ComicImageIndex with an invalid return image.

v1.05; 6th May, 2010.
    Comical wasn't archiving any comics even if ArchiveComics wasn't set to None.
    Crash when importing images and no comic archives existed.

v1.04; 4th May, 2010.
    Comics menu.
    Developer's section for definition authors to the Log window.
    Comics Changes window that appears when the comics database is upgraded.
    Dark version of the Welcome screen when in Fullscreen mode.
    Mark As Read to the Advanced section of the comic list context menu.
    Open Comical's Settings Directory link to the About window.
    ComicImagePosition to the Settings window. MiddleCentre is the default.
    ShowAltTextOnImageHover to the Settings window.
    ComicImageIndex and VersionMode attributes.
    Automated update checking not always working.
    Start With Windows within the Settings now works in Windows again.
    Restoring while previously fullscreen now restores in fullscreen mode.
    Flickering in the comics list.
    Exception when importing images and no comic being selected.
    Exception when pressing F12 (ViewComicWebsite) with a virtual comic selected.
    Exception during startup pertaining to the log.
    Improved comic checking and downloading mechanism.
    Improved Url encoding and decoding.
    Removed MatchFromRegexStart attribute.
    Faster start-up.
    History information moved out of Comical.txt and into Changelog.txt.
    Updated BiQubic.Update and BiQubic.Pique.

v1.03; 20th March, 2010.
    The selection of large comic archives is more visually responsive.
    Comic database updating failed to work due to a missing file.
    Occasional exception with the downloading of some comics.

v1.02; 18th March, 2010.
    Support for CBZ comic file integration (drag and drop .cbz into comics list).
    Minimise to Systray button next to the navigation buttons.
    New Comic Category selection style and categories.
    Display Log to the Tools menu. Used mainly for definition authors.
    Context menu to the currently-viewed comic image.
    Remove Archive to the comic list context menu.
    Comic image now supports an alt-text tooltip if it has alt-text.
    AutoInstallNewComicsDatabase and ShowActiveComicImage to the Settings window.
    RedirectUrl, RedirectUrlIndex, and StripStrings attributes to comic definitions.
    CrLfs are stripped out of badly-formed comic image URLs.
    "Index out of range" exception during comic update checking and navigating.
    Favourite marking is finally fixed.
    Virtual Comics now have their first image selected, not the last latest image like standard comics.
    Comical now uses the System renderer style for its menus in Windows XP.
    Previously downloaded comics can now be browsed without comic archiving having to be enabled.
    Replaced ArchiveDownloadedComics with ArchiveComics in the Settings window.
    Comic database downloads are now compressed.
    Changed the version checking method.
    Removed BiQubic.Suite.Controls, BQS.Core, and BQS.FileSystem dependencies.
    Removed Windows7 task progress support.
    Removed ResolveToRoot(AndCombine) and IgnoreInvalidFilesize attributes. No longer needed.
    Massive comics database update. Thanks to everyone on the forum!
    Optimisations to start-up time.
    Compatibility improvements for Linux.

v1.01; 2nd March, 2010.
    Html entity decoding to alt and title text.
    Marking a comic as a favourite wouldn't always work.
    IsNew states could sometimes be forgotten.
    "A new update is available" spam at startup.
    Installing a new version of Comical didn't install its new comics database.
    The floating Welcome banner is no longer shown on startup.

v1.00; 1st March, 2010.
    Welcome screen when no comics are being viewed.
    Support for comic Title and Alt text.
    GoUpPath, IgnoreImages, and AltText attributes to comic definitions.
    Clear Comic Image to the Edit menu (does not delete image; just clears it).
    View Comic's Page to the comic list context menu (default shortcut is F12).
    Copy Forum Definition to Clipboard to the comic list context menu.
    Delete key shortcut to clear comic image. See Settings window to change.
    Twitter and Donation links to the Help menu.
    About window.
    The comics list now gets the focus when Comical is restored from the systray.
    Rewrote the image display code.
    Improved handling of selecting multiple comics at once.
    Significant performance improvements.
    Updated comics database.

v0.99 Beta; 3rd November, 2009.
    Vertical mouse-wheel scrolling. Delta amount depends on input device.
    Delete this Comic to the archive navigation menu.
    ShowTrayNotificationsTime to the Settings window.
    Force Updates Check Stop to the Tools menu in-case update checking hangs.
    Checks for comics with invalid characters in their filename when archiving.
    Ocassional crash while minimised to the system tray when new comics are available.
    Temporary fix for handled exception on Importing Images. Underlying cause is unreproducable.
    Comic update state is saved immediately after performing an update check.
    Added Shrub Monkeys to the comics database.

v0.98 Beta; 28th July, 2009.
    Check For Application Update to the Settings window.
    Check For New Comics to the Settings window.
    Used Space field to Comic Information display (click comic's filename in menu bar).
    Start Minimised wasn't showing within Settings.
    Start Minimised wasn't working correctly.
    Slightly changed the visual aspect of checking for comic updates.

v0.97 Beta; 24th July, 2009.
    Virtual Comics support. See Wiki for details.
    Import Images to the File menu.
    Full multi-threaded comic update checking. See Settings window.
    Full Screen mode (F11) to the Tools menu.
    Paste Image from Clipboard to the Edit menu.
    Keyboard Shortcuts section to the Settings window.
    Automated comic updating checking interval to the Settings window.
    Start with Windows to the Settings window.
    Windows 7 support for taskbar progress indication during comic update checking.
    Tray icon animates if Comical is hidden and new comics become available.
    Comics information when clicking on a comic's title on the menu bar.
    ResolveToRootAndCombine attribute to Comics.xml.
    Updated comics database.
    Start Minimised wasn't working correctly.
    Download errors with some idiotically named comics (namely C&H).
    Reduced comic update checking network traffic by 50%.
    Significant comic archive loading performance improvements.
    Prevented certain actions being performed during updates.
    Minor changes and additions.

v0.96 Beta; 6th May, 2009.
    [ and ], BrowserBack/Forward/Cursors/etc keyboard shortcuts for archive navigation.
    Configurable archive navigation indication text in Settings.
    Fix for downloading comics from broken web servers. (eg. Awkward Zombie)
    Exception when navigating the archive after renaming a comic.
    Tab-order in the main window.
    Update checker was giving an incorrect download URL for the application update.
    Small changes and additions.

v0.95 Beta; 21st April, 2009.
    Comic archiving and browsing. See Settings window.
Please note that some comics are incompatible with this feature
unless the comics drop-down menu is used to rename individual comics.
    Checking for updates to comics is now multi-threaded.
    Can now view comics while checking for updates.
    Pique exception management support.
    Installer and uninstaller.
    Main window's maximised state is now remembered.
    The main window jumping when settings are saved.
    Lots of changes and additions.

v0.90 Alpha; 13th April, 2009.
    Main window's size and location are now saved.
    IgnoreInvalidFilesize attribute to Comics.xml.
    ComicsUser.xml for user-added/edited comics.
    Wiki entry; see Help -> On the Web -> Comical Wiki.
    Comics database updating wasn't working correctly.
    Large amount of changes and additions; too many to list.

v0.20 Alpha; 28th March, 2009.
    Comics can be scrolled by dragging them with the mouse.
    Automatic downloading and updating of the comic database.
    Individual comic update checking.
    Complete rewrite of the comic core.
    Lots of minor changes.

v0.10 Alpha; 23rd March, 2009.
- Initial public release.