Change log history for Adobe Reader SpeedUp...
v1.36 - 9th December, 2006.
    Auto-detection for v8 of Reader/Acrobat. Should be OK until v11.
    Hungarian translation by Illovszky Rich�rd.
    Replaced original Polish translation with a new
working version by Marcin Wawer.

v1.35 - 4th June, 2006.
    Tweaks now only work with series 7 of Adobe/Acrobat Reader.
    Translations. Updated Dutch (Erik Dirkx), changed to new
rewrite of Russian (Cyril Leshinsky) and renamed old version
to Russian 2.

v1.34 - 15th December, 2005.
    StartupPause value to the Deployment.ini file; this value
tells ARSU to wait the specified number of seconds before
actually deploying.
    Turkish translation by Atilla �ntas, Russian translation
by Kopachov Alexander.
    ARSU is now truly silent during the deployment process.

v1.33 - 23rd October, 2005.
    Adobe Reader 7.0.5 crashed if EScript.api wasn't enabled when
EWH32.api was. Why Adobe "implemented" this, I have no idea.

v1.32 - 8th January, 2005.
    Language Information button to the Select Language window.
    Deutsch, Dutch, Espanol, Finnish, Francais, Francais - Canadian,
Italiano, and Svenska language files.
    Plugin Help for Adobe Reader 7 Professional plugins.
    Bare and Auto Install Fix profiles.
    Using a non-English language file broke Restore Configuration.
    Tweaks and additions to the language support.

v1.31 - 6th December, 2004.
    Support for plugins in directories.
    Language translation support (see Settings window).
    Detection of Acrobat/Reader via the registry.
    Context menu to the plugins list (click RMB on the list).
    Changed the detection code to use the Windows API.

v1.30 - 10th October, 2004.
    ARSU now auto-detects Adobe Reader 7.0 Beta.
    Optional folder isn't deleted upon Restore Configuration.
Thanks to Lomax for recommending.

v1.29 - 23rd September, 2004.
    It's now possible to change the System and Common
directories that ARSU uses for some of its tweaks.
    Link to Reader in the Settings window.
    Preliminary support for Adobe Reader 7.0 Beta (sigh..).
    Minor changes here and there.
    Updates to the manual.

v1.28 - 5th August, 2004.
    Silent Deployment broke in v1.27. Now fixed.
    Backup Location must now reside on the same
drive as the Acrobat application.

v1.27 - 29th July, 2004.
    Another attempt to fix Speed-Up failures.
Seems to have worked, at least partially anyway.

v1.26 - 29th July, 2004.
    Attempted to fix speed-Up failures.

v1.25 - 29th July, 2004.
    New tweaks to the Tweaks section.
    Speed-Up failures some users were experiencing.
    Redesigned Tweaks section.
    Various minor changes and improvements.

v1.21 - 28th April, 2004.
    URL to download v1.16 in ReadMe.txt.
    A Speed-Up wouldn't work after doing a Restore using
a previous version of ARSU.

v1.20 - 27th April, 2004.
- Notice: If you have used a previous version of ARSU, then
perform a Restore before using this version otherwise
you will run in to problems. This is essential.
    Fix Reader Startup Problems to Tweaks.
    ARSU now backs up plugins using the Optional folder.
This means that Reader loads plugins on demand and
consequently you'll never need to do a Restore
Configuration ever again.
    Works again in Win98 and doesn't require any
dependencies to be installed under WinXP or higher.

v1.16 - 28th March, 2004.
    Reset Speed-Up status to Tweaks section.

v1.15 - 25th January, 2004; Birthday Release!
    Support for all CE versions of Acrobat/Reader.
    Extended error checking and information messages.
    WorldReady.api to the profiles (for CE versions).
    About window. Includes donation information.
    Potentially serious bug preventing ARSU from working
properly with non-English versions of Acrobat/Reader.
    Now fully supports Windows XP theming.

v1.14 - 19th January, 2004.
    Tweaks section.
    Support for Adobe Acrobat 5.0 CE.
    Added 27 new plugin descriptions.
Thanks to Sebasti�n Naccas.

v1.13 - 16th January, 2004.
    More coach messages on potential error situations.
    Plugin Info.pdf courtesy of Nat Taylor.
    Plugin dependency information wasn't being loaded.
Thanks to Baja Joe for reporting.
    Occasional text flickering in Windows XP.
    Very minor changes.

v1.12 - 1st January, 2004.
    Support for Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 and 5.5.
    Experimental support for Adobe Acrobat 3.
    Silent deployment support. See ReadMe.txt.
    More plugin descriptions to Plugin Help. (thanks to Philco)
    Bug that could result in the Speed Up operation failing.
    Plugin Help can be edited by editing PluginHelp.txt.
    Improved checking for Acrobat/Reader installations.
    Improved error checking and handling.

v1.11 - 27th December, 2003.
    More plugin descriptions to Plugin Help.
    ARSU can now maintain more than one settings profile.
See Settings Profiles in ReadMe.txt for more information.
    If there are multiple installations of Adobe Reader, then
the latest installed version will be used as default.
    Minor changes.

v1.10 - 24th December, 2003.
    Greatly improved checking for existing Acrobat/Reader
    Two Speed-Ups now cannot be performed in a row. You
need to do a Restore before you can Speed-Up again.
Same applies to doing two Restores in a row.
    Plugin details now work on non-English versions of

v1.09 - 21st December, 2003.
    Supports the non-free version of Reader 6.
    Backup location can now be changed.
    Redesigned interface.
    Changed Fast/Turbo plugin selection profiles,
as recommended by Jonathan Topping.

v1.00 - 16th September, 2003.
- Initial release.