Changed Products
  Below is the list of the last 20 products there were added, changed, or removed within the software library.
Each product has a list of flags following its name denoting which field(s) were changed during the update.

Any products that have [Changelog] and [Version] flags more than likely indicate that a new release of that product has been made available. Click a product's name to visit its page.

      FileSieve 4:    [IsNewRelease] [Version] [LastWorkedOn] [Changelog] [Filesize] [HashMD5] [HashCRC] [Pad] [VersionInternal]
      File Pile:    [NewProduct] [DevelopmentStatus] [License] [Description] [VersionInternal]
      Twitter Delitter:    [Filesize] [HashMD5] [HashCRC] [Pad] [IsNewRelease] [Version] [LastWorkedOn] [Changelog]
      The Movie Curator:    [NewProduct] [DevelopmentStatus] [VersionInternal] [Description] [LastWorkedOn]
      Ping Control:    [NewProduct] [DevelopmentStatus] [License] [Description]
      Comica:    [DevelopmentStatus] [IsNewRelease] [Version]
      Wake On LAN Ex 3:    [Filesize] [HashMD5] [HashCRC] [Pad] [Changelog] [LastWorkedOn] [IsNewRelease] [Version]
      XBox Device Status:    [LastWorkedOn] [Filesize] [HashMD5] [HashCRC] [Pad] [VersionInternal] [IsNewRelease] [Version] [Changelog] [Screenshot]
      BiQubic.Metro:    [Screenshot] [LastWorkedOn]
      BiQubic.Suite:    [LastWorkedOn]
      When Then:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      VoiceMate Professional:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      Romulator:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      Mass Extract:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      Like A G19:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      FileOps:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      Assembler:    [DevelopmentStatus] [License]
      Live Tabs:    [DevelopmentStatus]
      Software Catalogue:    [LastWorkedOn]
      Coders' Kit:    [DevelopmentStatus]