Change log history for Wake On LAN Ex 3...
v3.04; 12th May, 2017.
    Active Instrumentation menu to the Instrumentation panel at the bottom of the main window, if shown.
    Minor interface changes and fixes.

v3.03; 2nd April, 2017.
    Read Only property to the Address Book Manager.
    Back-up error on first run.
    Some keyboard shortcuts were invoked twice when pressed.
    Updated Settings window checkboxes to be more visually appropriate.
    Minor interface changes and fixes.
    Wake On LAN Ex now requires version 4.6.2 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

v3.02; 25th March, 2017.
    Ctrl+W Action to Settings - Interface.
    Wake-Up, Log-Off, Restart, Shutdown to Settings - Interface - Device Double-Click Action.
    Device Editor: Test Frontend moved from menu to label.
    Iconset changed to a flat-style to better integrate with the interface.
    Minor interface changes and fixes.

v3.01; 5th January, 2017.
    If you have a license, it'll need to be updated for the SecureOn feature.
    Send Wake Via IP / Broadcast option to Device Editor - Network tab.
    Support for SecureOn for Home and Enterprise editions to the Device Editor - Network tab.
    Send Multiple Wake-Up Messages option to Device Editor - Network tab.
    Being unable to edit the 5th device in the Free edition.
    Moved Windows Username/Password fields to Instrumentation tab within Device Editor.
    General interface improvements.

v3.00; 3rd January, 2017.
    Complete rewrite of Wake On LAN Ex.