Change log history for Wake On LAN Ex 3...
v3.20; 12th November, 2018.
    Added additional keyboard mnemonics.
    Rare crash at startup and when using the column editor.

v3.19; 3rd November, 2018.
    Crash at startup.
    Completely rewritten update checker.
    Completely rewritten error handler.
    Completely rewritten logging window.
    Additional error checking when processing automation MacId files.
    Updated various dependencies.
    Various interface tweaks.

v3.18; 9th August, 2018.
    SAMBA Network Access waking no-longer locks the UI.

v3.17; 26th July, 2018.
    WoLEX 3.17 and above now requires .Microsoft .NET 4.7.2.
    Wake Via SAMBA Network Access to Device Editor - General.
    Number of Devices to Settings - Enterprise - Stagger Wake-up.
    StaggerScopes to Settings - Advanced.
    Potential fix for crash when the Status column was hidden when performing an action.
    Device Editor locks-up briefly when opened.
    Various interface changes and fixes.
    Added link to WoLEX Sub-Reddit in the About window.

v3.16; 21st November, 2017.
    ShutdownCommand to Settings - Advanced.
    Main window shrinking in size under some circumstances (see workaround here).
    Scrollbar appearing when restoring the main window from the systray.
    Rare crash when opening the Address Book Manager.

v3.15; 28th October, 2017.
    Enhanced tooltips.
    Remaining tooltips for controls that didn't have them.
    Interface fixes and improvements.

v3.14; 19th September, 2017.
    Additional keyboard shortcuts to the main window.
    Log window shrinking each time it's opened.
    Some control tab ordering were incorrect.
    Performance improvements to interface drawing.

v3.13; 7th September, 2017.
    Window sub-item to the main window's View menu item.
    Various internal code and interface improvements.

v3.12; 26th August, 2017.
    Show Minimise to System Tray button wasn't working.
    Clicking on the Documentation link in the Settings window resulted in two pages being opened.
    Main window wasn't easily resizable if no address book was set.
    Restoring the main window from the systray caused it to increase in size.
    Potential crash at start-up / shutdown.
    Various internal code and interface improvements.

v3.11; 26th July, 2017.
    Please update your license if you have one!
    Wake On LAN Ex 3.11 and above now requires .Microsoft .NET 4.7.
    Backup & Restore wasn't correctly backing-up Address Books. [FS#270]

v3.10; 10th July, 2017.
    Buffalo TeraStation to the Device Editor - Ports menu.
    Updated installer was being downloaded as a .zip instead of an executable.
    Some URLs were pointing to the old WoLEX site.
    Performance improvements to the loading/saving of settings.
    Various code improvements.

v3.09; 10th July, 2017.
    Port wasn't being used.

v3.08; 17th June, 2017.
    Extremes of dark or light accent colouring is disallow to keep the interface usable.
    Improvements to Auto-Discovery.
    General interface improvements.

v3.07; 10th June, 2017.
    Get Host Names button to the top of the Auto-Discovery window.

v3.06; 9th June, 2017.
    The Auto-Discovery window should no longer sometimes freeze WoLEX instead of opening.
    Attempted fix for UI corruption on older versions of Windows (eg. 7).
    Minor fixes to the Backup & Restore window.

v3.05; 6th June, 2017.
    Customisation of the Copy MAC and Copy IP fields from the Auto Discovery window to Settings - Advanced.
    Tabs along the top of the Device Editor can now be used to drag the window.
    Interface accent colour could sometimes be the wrong colour.

v3.04; 12th May, 2017.
    Active Instrumentation menu to the Instrumentation panel at the bottom of the main window, if shown.
    Minor interface changes and fixes.

v3.03; 2nd April, 2017.
    Read Only property to the Address Book Manager.
    Back-up error on first run.
    Some keyboard shortcuts were invoked twice when pressed.
    Updated Settings window checkboxes to be more visually appropriate.
    Minor interface changes and fixes.
    Wake On LAN Ex now requires version 4.6.2 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

v3.02; 25th March, 2017.
    Ctrl+W Action to Settings - Interface.
    Wake-Up, Log-Off, Restart, Shutdown to Settings - Interface - Device Double-Click Action.
    Device Editor: Test Frontend moved from menu to label.
    Iconset changed to a flat-style to better integrate with the interface.
    Minor interface changes and fixes.

v3.01; 5th January, 2017.
    If you have a license, it'll need to be updated for the SecureOn feature.
    Send Wake Via IP / Broadcast option to Device Editor - Network tab.
    Support for SecureOn for Home and Enterprise editions to the Device Editor - Network tab.
    Send Multiple Wake-Up Messages option to Device Editor - Network tab.
    Being unable to edit the 5th device in the Free edition.
    Moved Windows Username/Password fields to Instrumentation tab within Device Editor.
    General interface improvements.

v3.00; 3rd January, 2017.
    Complete rewrite of Wake On LAN Ex.