Change log history for Router Monitor...
v0.93 - 12th October, 2006.
    Exception on systems that didn't have the Arial font installed
when displaying the Filter Highlighting window.
    Updated Pique library.

v0.92 - 10th October, 2006.
    Limited "Geographical Location" data to DNS Lookup menu item.
    Minor additions and changes.
    Exception when rebooting the router with an invalid IP.
    Rare 'Collection was modified' exception.
    Some settings required restarting RM when changed.

v0.91 - 27th March, 2006.
    DNS Tools to the main list's context menu.
    Age column to the main list (expressed in mm:ss).
    Right-click context menu to the IP Details list.
    Save to File to main list context menu.
    Highlighter to the main window.
    Router Uptime display to the main window.
    Reboot button to allow remote rebooting of the router.
    Custom crash handler called Pique (also by me).
    Hide Invalid Connections to the Settings window.
    Pressing F5 in the main list causes it to refresh.
    Minor inteface changes.

v0.90 - 15th December, 2005.
- Initial public beta release.