Change log history for NetSend GUI...
v0.60 - 06/12/2004: NetSendGUI can now send msgs directly instead
of via the Windows' Net Send command.
Can now be started with Windows.
Selected recipients are remembered across sessions.
Added Settings window.
Added Log window.
Fixed control tab indexes.
Other minor changes made.

v0.50 - 25/02/2004: Added Domain message type.
Added true Windows XP theming.
Updated interface.
Lots of minor changes.

v0.40 - 30/05/2003: Added WindowsXP-style buttons.
Added context menu to the address book.
The Address Book columns can now be re-ordered.
Passing MINIMIZE as an argument starts NetSendGUI minimised.
New license: cannot be used in a business/org without payment.
Other minor changes and additions.

v0.XX - XX/XX/XXXX: History information not retained.