Change log history for FileSieve 4...
v4.13; 1st April, 2017.
    Rare crash during processing involving the progress bar.
    Eliminated unnecessary Profile saving during start-up.

v4.13; 1st April, 2017.
    Conditions to the Profile Manager for Home and Enterprise Editions.
    Directory Watcher trigger.
    Minor interface fixes and changes.
    FileSieve now requires version 4.6.2 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

v4.12; 18th March, 2017.
    Profile Triggers to the Enterprise edition.
    Creating a new Profile named "New Profile" resulted in its filename not being correct.

v4.11; 23rd February, 2017.
- Added Load/Save to Find Replace Modifier.
- Log window metrics are now saved.

v4.10; 13th January, 2017.
    Regex Tester, along with integration with any regex textboxes.
    How long between each startup update check can be customised via Settings - Advanced.
    Changed Regex substitution pipe | character to dollar symbol $.

v4.09; 23rd December, 2016.
    Modifier: Find Replace.
    Replace Slash Characters in Genre option to Tag method.
    Any leading slashes are now removed from naming masks.
    Crash during Verify Settings for Attributes modifier.

v4.08; 19th December, 2016.
    Keyboard shortcuts and tooltips to the Source Item Editor
    Methods/Modifiers now close any windows they open in the Method/Modifier selection window
    Crash when selecting the EXIF Method
    Crash when double-clicking a tag field within the Tag Viewer of the Tag Method
    Crash during Verify Settings for Find Replace Method

v4.07; 15th December, 2016.
    Compatibility with all previous plugins has been broken - update your license, if required!
    Entirely rewritten Source Item Editor, with new features.
    Verify Settings to Methods and Modifiers windows.
    Preliminary command-line documentation.
    Log button now notifies you about any errors during startup.
    Added link to FileSieve tracker website on Welcome page.
    Method: Tag not creating sub-directories.

v4.06; 17th October, 2016.
    Method: Attributes.

v4.05; 13th October, 2016.
    Method: Find Replace.
    Purge to the Destination Window.
    Extras menu to the main window for Home/Enterprise Editions.
    Documentation link for Attributes was incorrect.
    Help button in Method/Modifier window now displays help for the selected plugin.

v4.04; 6th October, 2016.
    Jobs (batch processing) to the Enterprise Edition.
    The size of columns in all listviews is now persisted.
    If processing was paused, FileSieve didn't unset it after processing.
    Rare crash if processing is first paused and then stopped.
    Clicking on the Copy Mode link in the Review Settings section now displays a menu of modes.
    Prompt when exiting Filesieve while still processing.
    Method: Tag. Removed Test File as it served no purpose.

v4.03; 4th October, 2016.
    Method: Audio Tag.
    Internal code changes in preparation for batch processing.

v4.02; 22nd September, 2016.
    Method: EXIF.
    New custom folders to Standard A-Z Method for certain character "classes".
    Check for Updates Once a Week to Settings - Interface.
    Check for Update was renaming the FileSieve installer to .zip if an update was available.

v4.01; 14th September, 2016.
    Method: Classification.
    Modifier: Attributes.
    Right-click context menu to the Simulation listview.
    Home/Enterprise Editions: More options to Step 2 - Overwrite Rules "If no rules match" setting.
    New month & day formatting to the DateStamp Method plugin.
    Filtering to the Simulation window.
    EnableTaskbarProgress to Settings - Advanced; set to False if FileSieve's UI stays disabled after processing has completed.
    Method: DateStamp LastAccess times were returning LastWrite time values.

v4.00; 26th August, 2016:
    First public release of the v4.00 series of FileSieve.