Change log history for FileSieve 3...
6th October, 2009: v3.00 Final.
    MP3Tags method.
    Updated graphics to Vista-style versions.
    Lots of internal interface changes.
    Faster application startup.
    Minor changes.
    The previous version wasn't globally released.

15th October, 2007: v3.00 Release Candidate.
    Modifiers to the main window.
    IncludeFullStop setting to the Extension method.
    All Methods that can use search patterns now support multiple patterns.
    Simulation mode did not display any results in the previous release.
    Parent Rename failed on folder names containing full stops.
    Using a file extension with Parent Rename broke its functionality.
    Parent Rename wasn't loading its settings at startup.
    Owner method caused an exception in Windows Vista; please note that
this method is not currently compatible with the Windows Vista OS.
    The Settings window didn't save its settings correctly.
    Updated help file and improved its readability.

27th August, 2007: v3.00 Beta 7.
    DateField, Mode, and TargetDate to the Date Stamp method.
    Delete Method Settings to the Settings window.
    Overwrite rule framework completely broke some methods.
    Improved the Settings window.
    Updated help file.

30th June, 2007: v3.00 Beta 6.
    Biggest and Smallest methods.
    Internal Initialise()/Finalise() methods to Methods.
    Internal user-configurable global overwrite rule framework.
    ProcessBiggest to Parent Rename method.
    Parent Rename now only processes a single file in each directory.

11th May, 2007: v3.00 Beta 5.
    Full Vista compliancy.
    Drag and drop to the Sources and Destination controls.
    Context menu to the Simulation window's listviews.
    Progress indicator to the main window's title bar.

3rd February, 2006: v3.00 Beta 4.
    Profile management.
    Regular Expressions method.
    Custom exception handler.

23rd January, 2006: v3.00 Beta 3.
- First public beta release.

18th January, 2006: v3.00 Beta 1.
- First semi-public beta release.