Change log history for FileOps...
v0.33; 16th July, 2009.
    Automated 7-Zip multi-part joining. Requires 7-Zip.
    .foc/.lst files are now handled when FileOps is integrated
with the system shell.
    System shell integration for .001 part files.
    Click on "Shell Dis-integrate" and then "Shell Integrate" to
enable the two changes above.
    Minor changes.

v0.32; 29th March, 2009.
    Update checking via the About tab.
    The Join operations now pre-allocate disk space before
joining. This leads to a very significant performance improvement.
    Shell integration wasn't working correctly.
    Improved MD5 file reading compatibility with non-standard .md5 files.
    Various minor changes.

v0.31; 13th August, 2008.
    Join Mixed feature.
    "Delete Joined Part Files" to the Settings tab.
    Pique support. See ReadMe file for information.
    Integrate With Windows Shell option to the Settings area that
allows you to quickly use FileOps to verify checksum files.
    The Join/Checkum sections can now accept a file to join/check by
dragging and dropping it onto their first textbox.
    The Join feature now checks and tells you if the are
trying to join a multi-part RAR file and asks you if you
want to use WinRAR to do it instead (joining with WinRAR is
automated by FileOps. Requires UnRAR.exe).
    The Join features also checks for multi-part 7-Zip files.
    SFV files that had entries with spaces in them were being
reported as always being missing when verifying checksums.
    The "KB" option within Split was supposed to be
pre-selected, and not "MB".
    Selecting the Verify Checksums option in the Checksum tab
with a non-existant Input File would cause an exception.
    A significant number of additions, changes, and fixes.

v0.30; 24th October, 2004.
- Initial public beta release.