Change log history for Desktop BBC News...
v1.01; 25th July, 2017.
- NOTE!: Desktop BBC News now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 and Vista or above to function.
    Rare crash at start-up.
    Minor interface changes.
    Faster start-up.

v1.00; 5th May, 2015.
- NOTE!: Desktop BBC News now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and Vista or above to function.
    Video icon for video news items.
    Crash at startup; thanks to @ladams888 for reporting.
    View Using External Viewer in main context menu.
    Entirely new method for parsing news items.
    Old settings are lost due to a much faster rewrite.
    Interface changes to the Article summary window.
    Internal code improvements.

v0.99; 5th January, 2013.
- NOTE!: Desktop BBC News now requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and Vista or above to function.
    Portable mode. See documentation.
    Support within Settings - Interface for selecting a specific web browser.
    Command line parameters. See documentation.
    View Item Using (Built-in|External) Viewer to feed item context menu.
    Summary Start/End colour settings to Settings - Colours area.
    Direct link to the news item when using Copy to Clipboard.
    Sometimes clicking a news item would result in multiple browsers opening.
    Built-in Browser's location/size wasn't always being saved.
    Updated news links.
    Improved the dropdown feed selection menu.
    Significant internal code improvements.
    Further startup speed improvements.

v0.98; 29th May, 2012.
    Crash when entering an invalid address into the browser.
    A number of somewhat rare crashes.
    Improved the main window's listview.
    Faster startup.
    Minor changes.

v0.97; 17th June, 2008.
    Hide Window Header to the main context menu and Settings window.
    Mark All As Read to the main context menu.
    Colours section to the Settings window.
    Read Article Cache purging to the Settings - Feeds window.
    Somewhat rare crash when viewing articles.
    Feed refresh rate can now be dropped down to 1 minute.
    Small changes and additions.

v0.96; 16th June, 2008.
    Disabling of the BBC News logo link at the top of the main window.
    Updated the Pique exception library.

v0.95; 15th June, 2008.
    String-to-Boolean startup error.

v0.94; 1st June, 2008.
    Right-click the Summary window now displays a context menu.
    Copy to Clipboard to the main list context menu.
    The Summary window caused the main window to change position when opening.
    Return/Enter was refreshing instead of showing the selected article.
    Lots of minor changes.

v0.93; 24th May, 2008.
    Clicking the BBC News logo opens the BBC News site in a browser.
    The main window now enforces a minimum size.
    pad_file.xml to the distribution.
    Pinning the main window to the desktop works more consistently.
    Replaced all icon graphics with improved versions.
    Improved the update checker.
    Lots of minor code changes.

v0.92; 12th July, 2007.
    "Latest Published Stories" was not being downloaded at startup.
    Partially corrupted icon images due to the dotNet 1.1 compiler.
    Removed window flicker at startup.
    Changed colours of Feed Summary window for a sleeker look.
    Enabling Prevent Dragging now prevents the window from being sized.
    Updated for Windows Vista.

v0.91; 23rd July, 2006.
    Context menu to the news items list.
    Update Check to the Settings - About area.
    ReadMe.txt file.
    Exception when selecting the Latest Published Stories feed.
    Cleaner visual window startup.

v0.90; 11th July, 2006.
- Initial public beta release.